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The N. C. Sino-US Business Conference

Published both in Chinese version on July 1, 2015 The Asian Herald Chinese Section, World Journal June, 24, 2015, and China Press June 12, 2015. Translated by Bin Yin, Ph. D Candidate of Duke University

On June 8th, the first Sino-US Business Conference was held in Raleigh, the Capital of North Carolina. Pres.Mr. Zhongqi Wang, the President of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts (CCCLA), led a group of 13 businessmen from the top enterprises in China ’s daily glass and ceramics industry to meet with officials, businessmen and scholars in North Carolina . Governor of North Carolina Pat McCroy, Congressman David Price, and the Sister Cities Association of Raleigh had all sent congratulation letters to the conference to bless its success. Mr. Eugene Weeks, City Councilman of Raleigh, delivered the welcoming speech, and Ms. Ceicilia Holden, Chief of Staff of the North Carolina Department of Commerce, delivered the thank-you message to the guests on behalf of the state government and the Governor. Mr. Chris Chung, The CEO of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, delivered a keynote speech to introduce the ideal geographic location, nice weather conditions, rich industrial and agricultural resources, and benign investment environment of North Carolina . He pointed it out that China has been the second largest trade partner of North Carolina , and the yearly trade could reach more than $3 billion. So far North Carolina is also the state that has the most employees of Chinese companies, as signified by the IT giant Lenovo Groupand the pork producer Smithfield Foods held by the Shuanghui Group in China . The population of North Carolina has also been steadily growing, and it has surpassed Michigan to become the ninth most populated state in the U.S. Hence North Carolina has become one of the top choices for overseas investors.

Mr. Zhongqi Wang, the President of CCCLA, then delivered a speech. He said that this was the second time he had visited North Carolina , and the last time visiting here he was with Mr. Chao Wang, the Deputy Minister of Chinese Ministry of Commerce when China President Jintao Hu visited US in Jan 2011. Mr. Wang told the audience that China has become the biggest exporting country for glassware, but China also imports glassware from the U.S. at the same time. In 2014, there were altogether 9,953 glassware companies in China that were conducting importing and exporting trades, and the U.S. also has many joint-venture or self-owned enterprises in China. “The main purpose of his trip to visit the U.S. was to further communicate with U.S. friends.” He said, “We will have new tasks when we come back to China – to introduce North Carolina to more of our friends. We welcome our U.S. friends to visit China , learn more about Chinese enterprises, and form more connections with Chinese enterprises. In this way not only do we introduce more Chinese products to the U.S. , but we also introduce more U.S. products to China .”

Mr. Yucheng Zhang, the Chairman of the board of Huafu (Chengde) Glass Technology & Engineering Co., LTD, and Mr. Chen Chunming, the Chief Manager of Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics Co., LTD, succeeded to deliver the speech. Mr. Zhang introduced the status quo of bilateral trades of glassware between U.S. and China , while Mr. Chen reminded the audience that the fact that china and China have the same English words indicates that the ceramics, with its long history, has become a representative of Chinese civilization. He told the audience that his company was the only authorized ceramics supplier in the 2008 Shanghai EXPO, and had received praises from foreign dignitaries such as Mr. Obama. His company had also become the largest tableware supplier to the North America area in 2010.

Mr. John Skvarla, Secretary of North Carolina Department of Commerce, attended the lunch conference and presented Mr. Zhongqi Wang a colorful and elegant picture album of North Carolina as a souvenir. Mr. Weeks, City Councilman of Raleigh presented the whole Chinese business group a gift that was marked by the City Emblem of Raleigh. The Chinese business group also gifted their U.S. hosts picture albums that introduce China ’s light industrial products and arts-crafts as well as small but elegant arts-crafts as souvenirs.

On the same evening, Mr. K. John Wei, the well-known “unofficial Chinese City Mayor of Cary” (33 years) as named by local Chinese Americans in North Carolina , hosted a banquet for the Chinese business groups at Cary Super Asian Buffet. Mr. Richard H. Yang, President of Carolinas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) and his CCCC’s Triangle Chapter people, Ms. Yanqing Zhang, President of North Carolina Chinese Business Association (NCCBA), leaders from Chinese-American Friendship Association of North Carolina (CAFA-NC), as well as local elite Chinese Americans had also attended the banquet. During the banquet, Lawyer Ed Mu and his wife hosted a karaoke entertainment program for the guests that included Director of CCCLA Ms. Yan Cui and so on from the Chinese business groups to sing together. Both hosts and guests had a wonderful evening.